An open letter from Sunny Lu — OceanEx, powered by Xiaoning Nan

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To Our Beloved Community:

I have known Xiaoning Nan (Nanning) well before he became the CEO of OceanEx. Long enough to know that the only word that defines him is driven. He was one of the earliest contributors to the rise of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in China and had established a name for himself in the industry amongst the real movers and shakers compared to 99% of the “Industry Leaders” out there today. Though, Nanning would never tell you that. In fact, Nanning wouldn’t tell you a lot of things that people would say to gloat about themselves. Nanning is influential in more ways than I will divulge, and likely you will get him to. He won’t tell you because he doesn’t care, in his eyes all he is Nanning, the man that hasn’t done enough for the adoption of the blockchain community.

When I met Nanning, he was wrapping up with his first blockchain startup, the first Franchised Mining Facilities in China. He was a celebrity within the scene, and people flocked to him. Over the last few years, some of the most significant names in China call him for advice and assistance. However, when you read his bio or talk to him, all he cares for you to hear is his joy and passion.

I didn’t ask Nanning to be our lead advisor because he was connected, I asked him because above all else, I knew he cared. He didn’t care about the money, he didn’t care for the fame, and in a lot of ways, he doesn’t even care for this ICO. All I have known Nanning to be is a man who cares about the future of blockchain technology, who cares about the mass adoption of this technology, and who cares about being with the group of people who has a good chance of making the future happen, he saw that future in VeChain and now he sees it in OceanEx. That is why I know without a doubt that OceanEx will be a disrupting force on a global level.

Nanning is a man that has fought for a lot of things, he still serves as one of the most prominent voices in the Mt. Gox delegations, but I haven’t seen him fight for anything quite like he has OceanEx. He is fighting for the ideology of what OceanEx embodies, and he is also fighting for the group of partners and friends who have sacrificed so much to bring this name before you. His core team includes Daniel, Jiayum, and Wei. Daniel keeps OceanEx out of trouble. Jiayu is the most badass A.I. Exchange platform architect there is. Wei knows how to get things done correctly. This team, alongside many others, have spent so many days and nights working to be part of our community, a part of ourselves.

Nanning understands what a proper exchange is, he understands the vision it takes, the political prowess, the technological advancements, the financial restrictions, and the path it takes to change blockchain globally for the betterment of all parties.

I say these things to you because I know he wouldn’t, in fact, he didn’t like that I wanted to publish this note. But when I put my name on a blockchain project, I want it to mean something, and I got part of that from him.

Nanning isn’t just a trusty advisor, he isn’t just someone who has pushed VeChain forward in China, just someone who continuously is more notable than he leads himself out to be, or just the CEO and Co-founder of OceanEx, he is Nanning, and that drive is contagious.

Sunny Lu

CEO of VeChain

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The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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