Announcing The New Vechain dApp Kit: Changing The Game For Application Building On VechainThor

2 min readDec 6, 2023

We’re changing the game for dApp builders — Introducing the new vechain dApp Kit!

We’re thrilled to share our cutting-edge frontend library, built to streamline the development of decentralized applications (dApps) on the VechainThor blockchain.

Our comprehensive toolkit offers a range of features and benefits to enhance the vechain development experience:

  1. Simplified Wallet Management: Leveraging Connex technology, the ‘vechain/dapp-kit’ library offers an additional layer for easier wallet management, aligned with VeWorld and Sync2.
  2. Enhanced UI Components: The ‘vechain/dapp-kit-ui’ library provides an array of UI components, simplifying the process of wallet selection and connection. #
  3. React Integration: For React developers, the ‘vechain/dapp-kit-react’ library includes a set of React hooks and components for seamless integration with the dApp kit.
  4. Language and Framework Support: The dApp kit supports a variety of languages and frameworks, including TypeScript, Vanilla JS, React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, and Next.js, ensuring flexibility and compatibility for a wide range of projects.
  5. Customization and Extensibility: Designed for adaptability, the dApp kit allows for the integration and support of all wallets, with clear guidelines for adding your wallet via pull requests. As of today, we have opened the npm packages for general use.

Head over to our developer docs for the dApp kit and check it out!

We’ll soon also be making the code repos public and open for community collaboration. This release marks a significant step forward in blockchain application development on our blockchain, offering accessible, versatile, and powerful tools. We’re building for the builders.

Want to contribute to the core protocol and integrate ideas/tools/products of your own? We have $100k to support you! Each successful proposal is worth $2k — check out this link for details.

Build on the blockchain supported by enterprise giants, spearheading a real world #sustainability revolution with powerful technologies and tools. Let’s build a Better future, together!

About vechain:

vechain, headquartered in San Marino, Europe, is the curator of VechainThor, a world-leading smart contract platform spearheading the real-world adoption of blockchain technology.

By leveraging the capabilities of ‘trustless’ data (information without intermediaries), smart contracts, and IoT technologies, VechainThor has enabled solutions across a wide array of fields. Vechain now turns its attention to the greatest challenge of all — building digital ecosystems to drive sustainability and digital transformation at global scale.

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Vechain, based in San Marino, Europe built VechainThor, a powerful blockchain enabling a sustainability revolution