Announcing The VeChain Community Discord Server Launch Event and AMA!

At VeChain, we are incredibly proud to have amassed such a huge community since entering the public blockchain space in 2017. With over 400k Twitter subscribers, 200k+ Reddit subscribers and around 45k subscribers across our Telegram Channels, VeChain’s social media channels are bustling. To facilitate further community growth and provide an even more engaging community ecosystem experience, we have decided to launch the VeChain Community Discord Server on Friday, 3 September!

Discord is a place where topics and communities are easy to see and easy to participate in. dApps, information and discussions about VeChain, its technologies and its wider ecosystem come together in one readily accessible place, creating a more cohesive user experience. The Discord will also offer casual and off-topic channels, offering a place for the VeFam to bond and hangout over non-VeChain related topics!

And because no launch would be right without a celebration — we’re holding an event!

The VeChain Community Discord Server Launch Event, AMA and New Community Admins

To mark the launch of the new VeChain Community Discord Server, we will be creating a series of weekly events with prizes from across the VeChain ecosystem to be won!

To participate, all you have to do is join the VeChain Community Discord Server, actively participate in the channel and climb the leaderboards!

Prizes include:

  1. 100k VET tokens from the VeChain Foundation,
  2. 10 VIMs (Smart NFT collectibles) from VIMworld
  3. 5 VPunks NFT collectibles and 5,000 VPU tokens from VPunks
  4. 25,000 SHA tokens and a Safekey from Safe Haven
  5. 10,000 HAI tokens from Hacken

All prizes were kindly sponsored by the respective ecosystem and community projects. More details will be shared on the Discord server following launch!

In addition, on September 9th at 10PM UTC+8 we will be joined by VeChain CEO, Sunny Lu for our first VeChain Discord AMA! Again, further details will be announced on Discord so be sure to join to avoid missing out!

New Community Moderator Team

Following our recent call to action for new Discord moderators over on Twitter, we were delighted to receive many great applications. We are looking through the submissions and have been contacting successful candidates for our launch. The server will continue to expand and more moderators will be gradually added as well in the near future.

The Launch Event and the AMA will not be the only events that will be run. Future events, collaborations with ecosystem partners and community projects are among the events that will be held.

The Discord Invite Link will be shared on our official social media channels such as Reddit, Telegram and Twitter when it is launched on Friday, September 3rd 2021. In the meantime, do not click on any invite links posted by other users to prevent phishing and scam attempts.

We can’t wait for you to join us and our bustling community over on Discord!



Vechain, based in San Marino, Europe built VechainThor, a powerful blockchain enabling a sustainability revolution

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Vechain, based in San Marino, Europe built VechainThor, a powerful blockchain enabling a sustainability revolution