Announcing The Vechain-Sponsored Beach Clean Up Contest Winning Artist!

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4 min readJul 28, 2023

From the sun-soaked coasts of the world of VeFam, we asked you, our innovative and forward-thinking community, to wield your digital brushes and create something inspiring. And you delivered, bringing to life unique, eco-conscious, and absolutely stunning ‘Proof of Participation’ (PoP) NFT concept artwork for our beach clean event in Singapore this August. We are absolutely thrilled to announce our top picks and winners of the contest!

A quick reminder of what was at stake: a cool $2,000 worth of VET was offered to artists who could best marry the themes of blockchain, the beach, and Singapore flag, while devising a smooth user journey for non-crypto natives to download a vechain wallet and claim the PoP. It’s no easy task, but you rose to the occasion in a spectacular fashion!

Without further ado, let’s unveil our honourable mentions, and then meet our winner!

Honourable mention one: Brendan O’Connell

We loved Brendan’s art style, and incorporation of the key aspects of the artworks. His user journey went a step further, incorporating all aspects in to one image really helping simplify the process for our attendees. The theme and art style was really eye-grabbing — commendable work!

Honourable Mention two: Lev Nikki

We really loved the choice of art style here, for the PoP with the clever incorporation of the vechain logo in the beach scene. The user journey was clear and makes for a great template to help users onboard to vechain.

Great job, Lev!

Winning Entry: ABI

Our winning entry came in from ABI — we loved the coin-based design, with clever incorporation of Singapore’s national animal as well as the flag and subtle beach themes in the background.

What really sold ABI as our winner was the level of detail given in the user journey leaflet, including key information for newcomers to the space, such as keeping seed words safe and helping them better understand the formatting of a blockchain address and easy method for users to provide their addresses.

ABI’s artwork will become the official PoP of vechain’s sponsored Beach Clean up, and their leaflet will be shared with the participants on the day to ensure a seamless and easy PoP claiming experience.

A huge congratulations to ABI ! Please contact vechain’s official Twitter account to claim your prize!

Your next steps involve minting the PoP on VORJ, WOV, VeSea or BlackVeMarket — whichever is your preference.

The remarkable talent of our entries is not only a testament to the creativity of the vechain community, but also demonstrates how blockchain and art can unite to with meaningful impacts on environmental issues.

These PoPs will later be used as part of our new tokenomic structure, part of our path toward building the Blockchain Biosphere, where sustainable actions are incentivised and rewarded.

To all the participants, we want to express our deepest gratitude. Your works blew us away and embodied the spirit of creativity, innovation, and passion for sustainability. Keep those creative fires burning! There will be more contests to come and more prizes to be won!

A Sustainable Future — Powered by Blockchain

Our winners have proven that through art and blockchain, we can leverage digital tools to create real world impacts. Our mission is creating a clean, green future together, and we can’t wait to see the winning design in the hands of our beach clean up attendees.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for more updates, exciting contests, and future opportunities to make a positive impact on our planet.

In the meantime, spread the love by sharing this post and tagging your friends. Until our next adventure!

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