Announcing The Vechain x Venum Brazil Partnership— Taking Blockchain Mainstream With MMA Apparel Integration

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3 min readNov 2, 2023

Venum Brazil, who recently opened a flagship store in Sao Paulo, unveiled a unique, co-branded apparel collection incorporating vechain’s NFC, NFT, and blockchain technologies.

This exciting venture not only emphasizes the viability and value-add of our tech for global brands and commercial usage, but highlights the significance of our global marketing partnership with the UFC and its ability to open doors and extend our reach.

A Fusion of Fighting, Fashion and Technology

Venum Brazil’s technical integration is a snippet of a digital-driven future, where the physical and digital realms blend seamlessly — a concept neatly captured by the portmanteau “phygital”.

Venum Brazil’s embracing of blockchain is a step towards a digitisation trend that promises to open up entirely new commercial avenues for global brands, and represents a paradigm shift for commerce at-large.

The bespoke apparel collection, inspired by MMA legends, is symbolic of Venum Brazil’s recognition of excellence, both of celebrated MMA figureheads and a pioneering spirit that has seen the company emerge as a leading global proprietor of sportswear.

Vechain’s Blockchain Integration

Each item in the collection leverages the core attributes of blockchain to guarantee authenticity and provenance, while adding new ways to communicate brand and fighter stories. In addition, every piece is a digitally unique, verifiable phygital asset.

Beyond the groundbreaking technological integration on display, the shift to digitising physical products with unique IDs, a term we at vechain dub a ‘digital product passport’ has greater implications for the global economy — namely in the field of sustainability.

In the case of fashion, blockchain-powered secondary markets, such as those highlighted in our whitepaper ‘Web3 for Better’, outline a digital framework for ecosystems that incentivise individuals to make sustainable choices. Gamification mechanisms and reward systems encourage user engagement through tokens, token-gated experiences or other kinds of benefit for choosing reused or recycled products.

Blockchain is integral to these systems, offering users a seamless and automatable way ability to verify the authenticity, sustainability credentials and provenance of products, all while reducing waste and promoting sustainable consumption.

In a world where sustainability is ever-more important, our blockchain technology is game-changing.

UFC, Venum Brazil and Vechain: Breaking Down Barriers

Vechain is thrilled to be part of Venum Brazil’s groundbreaking technical exploration, and we extend our gratitude to them in joining us and embracing the future.

Facilitated via the UFC, this collaboration showcases the limitless potential of our global marketing partnership with the world’s top MMA sporting brand. We look forward to continuing the development of relationships under the UFC umbrella.

Blockchain technology is destined to become an integral part of our daily lives. We’re incredibly proud to be a driving force behind its mainstream adoption. Let’s build the future!

About vechain:

Vechain, headquartered in San Marino, Europe, is the curator of VechainThor, a world-leading smart contract platform spearheading the real-world adoption of blockchain technology.

Through leveraging the capabilities of ‘trustless’ data (information without intermediaries), smart contracts, and IoT technologies, VechainThor has enabled solutions across a wide array of fields. Vechain now turns its attention to the greatest challenge of all — building digital ecosystems to drive sustainability and digital transformation at global scale.

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VeChain Official

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