Announcing VeChain All-stakeholders Voting Relating to the Recent Foundation Buyback Wallet Incident

  • Only VTHO transfers from Authority Masternodes (endorser address), Economic X Nodes and Economic Nodes (addresses holding the node tokens) will be counted as valid votes.
  • Only transfers confirmed in the blocks between 10AM December 25, 2019 and 10AM December 30, 2019 UTC+8 will be counted as valid votes.
  • Each stakeholder category needs at least 15% participation rate in order for the voting authority of the particular category to be counted towards the total voting authority. Otherwise the voting authority will be reallocated, please see section 3.3 of the VeChain Governance Charter for more details.
  • If an eligible voter makes multiple transfer, the last transfer in time sequence within the polling time window to either of the voting addresses counts.
  • For addresses that hold more than one node, the vote will only be calculated in the category which is higher in the voting authority model.
  • The origin address of the transfer does not belong to any of the stakeholder categories defined by the governance charter.
  • The VTHO amount transferred doesn’t match the required amount.
  • The VTHO transfer is confirmed on the VeChainThor blockchain before or after the polling time window.
  • The participant rate of the voter’s stakeholder category does not meet the minimum requirement.
  1. If your node is stored on a Ledger hardware wallet, you can make the VTHO transfer by accessing My Token via Sync.
  2. Participant rate = number of valid voters in the stakeholder category / total number of nodes in the stakeholder category at the ballot closing time.
  • 根据最新生效的治理模型,仅超级权益节点、经济X节点、经济节点根据投票规则进行的转账被记为有效票;
  • 根据唯链雷神主网上区块的时间戳,仅在北京时间2019年12月25日上午10:00至北京时间2019年12月30日上午10:00之间的转账投票记为有效票;
  • 每类投票人群应达到至少15%的投票率,否则该类人群投票权重将会重新分配,具体规则详见最新生效的治理模型中的3.3章节
  • 如具有投票权的权益相关者在投票起止时间内进行多次投票,最终投票结果将以最后一次转账的地址所代表的投票选项为准;
  • 若同一地址持有两类节点,则以权重较高的节点计算投票权重。
  • 非超级权益节点、非经济X节点、非经济节点的转账将被视为无效;
  • 转账数量与上述选项的VTHO数量要求不一致的投票将被视为无效投票
  • 在唯链主网上的VTHO转账确认未在投票起止时间内;
  • 如果同一节点重复投票 ,以最后一次投票为准,之前的投票均将被视为无效;
  • 权益相关者类别的投票率未达到15%。
  1. 如果您的节点存储于Ledger硬件钱包中,可以通过在Sync中访问My Token应用进行VTHO转账;
  2. 权益相关者类别的投票率 = 某一权益相关者类别中投出有效票的人数/投票结束时该类别权益相关者数量




The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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VeChain Foundation

VeChain Foundation

The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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