Announcing VeWorld Mobile — The Ultimate Self Custody Vechain Wallet

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5 min readSep 20, 2023


Since opening our Technology Centre in Ireland, we’ve been laser-focused on building the most versatile and powerful blockchain toolkits in the market.

As we know, every user journey in the crypto-verse begins with one critical piece of infrastructure — the wallet. A key objective of ours has been building a feature-rich wallet with all the features needed to meet the needs of the modern-day crypto users. As such, our developers have been working diligently, day and night, to build and deliver a superior vechain wallet.

Today marks the culmination of those efforts. It is with great pleasure that we can formally announce the official launch of our new mobile wallet — VeWorld.

If you’re itching to download VeWorld and have a look around, then visit VeWorld’s new landing page and download for iOS and Android.

If you want to learn more about features and what to expect next, then keep on reading!

Why VeWorld?

In the world of crypto, we understand security and self-custody are critical. We built VeWorld as a completely decentralised solution that empowers users by generating private keys locally on their device of choice. You hold the keys, you make the rules - no middleman, no risk.

Whether via mnemonic phrases or Ledger hardware wallet, our team has ensured importing your digital assets is a simple and intuitive process. For the first time in a vechain wallet, we’ve integrated WalletConnect, aligning with a major blockchain standard to further our objective of enabling a seamless and interoperable environment for Dapps and developers.

Upgrades will be pushed on a regular cadence, introducing new features and quality of life upgrades inside the crisp, clean and responsive UI VeWorld boasts.

A dedicated wallet team continues to explore and evaluate the best features from across the world of crypto and sustainability, ensuring we improve the VeWorld user experience over time and ensure vechain's user experience is second to none.

If you have feature suggestions you’d like us to explore, reach out to developers on our official Discord — we’re all ears!

VeWorld — The Backbone Of VechainThor

In this first iteration of VeWorld, you’ll find all the features you’d expect of a crypto wallet. VIP-180 tokens (vechain’s native token standard) are readily visible and easily manageable, allowing you to send and receive your assets in an intuitive manner.

As an additional feature, you can now change the unit of currency to match your preference, currently either in Euro or USD denominations.

Naturally, we’ve iterated above and beyond other vechain wallets. We’ve introduced the ability to add custom token contracts for the first time. After minting custom fungible tokens on our Web3 as a service platform, VORJ, you can add the contract address and view it directly in VeWorld. Go get creative and show us what you build!

We’ve also introduced fee delegation for users directly from the settings tab. Now you can freely configure one of vechain’s most powerful features yourself, allowing you to delegate gas payments to a separate address of your choosing.

Whether an account of your own or a delegated account from a service provider, we’re helping developers building on VechainThor enjoy the most seamless experience possible.

Feature Rich, Future Proofed

Another major addition to VeWorld is a native NFT viewer.

Now, your collections are visible at any time directly via a tab in the wallet. Following the recent VORJ integration with the World of V marketplace,, you can mint, list and view your NFTs directly in VeWorld, at zero cost.

Creating the perfect user journey is our Modus Operandi. Who said building on blockchain needed to be hard?

Of course, the features above are far from exhaustive. Our technical roadmap is jam-packed with features that we can’t wait to unveil in due course, including in-house developments and adaptations from other popular blockchains.

As examples of upcoming features, you can look forward to:

  • Vechain Dapp store integration
  • Fiat on/off ramp via a well-established institution
  • Integration with DEX functionalities
  • Asset bridging support
  • Carbon footprint tracking for transaction history

And a plethora of other technical items to come.

Next Steps For Project Owners

With VeWorld intended to become the main wallet for the vechain ecosystem, we strongly encourage vechain project owners to begin the process of integrating VeWorld with your projects.

Our team has built demos to show you how exactly to achieve this with minimal fuss. Check out our tutorial and sample dApps on GitHub for guidance.

If you run into issues, please reach out to our team on Discord — there you can find developers to speak with directly.

Last, but not least..

A huge thank you to the tireless efforts of the team(s) that made this release happen! It took many of the brilliant minds of vechain to build VeWorld — we share our gratitude for their diligence and hard work. Vechain’s future is bright with such incredible talents steering the ship.

The talented VeWorld team, enjoying a well-deserved tequila.

So, with all that said — its time to download VeWorld and settle in to your new home on VechainThor!

About vechain

Vechain, headquartered in San Marino, Europe, is the curator of VechainThor, a world leading smart contract platform spearheading the real world adoption of blockchain technology.

Through leveraging the capabilities of ‘trustless’ data (information without intermediaries), smart contracts and IoT technologies, VechainThor has enabled solutions across a wide array of fields. Vechain now turns its attention to the greatest challenge of all — building digital ecosystems to drive sustainability and digital transformation at global scale.

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