Celebrating Christmas and the Holiday Season with an Epic Appreciation Event — A Special Edition Thor VIM Collaboration with VeChain x VIMworld

With the holiday season upon us and our hearts and minds quickly turning to family and friends in the spirit of giving, we are fortunate to have to look no further than our very own node holders within the VeChain ecosystem. Node holders have been the pillars of the VeChain ecosystem ever since March of 2018, when we announced this innovative new method of recognizing our most dedicated community members. Using NFTs to tokenize node statuses has not only given us a better understanding of our most steadfast supporters, but also allows us to connect with them and show our appreciation to them in more meaningful ways. In addition to VTHO generation, VeChain node holders are given special privileges for VeChain products and services, as well as discounts and exclusive participation in other VeChain ecosystem projects. We are always on the lookout for more opportunities to give back to our community.

This past year has been an especially exciting time for the VeChain ecosystem and our most ardent supporters. We have seen phenomenal growth, both within our main community as well as in many new ecosystem projects that are being developed on the VeChainThor blockchain. Such growth does not come without growing pains, and we cheer with our supporters through the good times, grit our teeth with them through the tough times, and are always striving to build more value for them. As November passed and we accomplished the significant milestone of our seamless mainnet upgrade to phase 1 of PoA 2.0, we knew we needed to do something extra special for our node holders to commemorate such an incredible year — Thankfully, the earliest NFT focused platform built on VeChain took notice as well. VIMworld is excited to participate in VeChain’s Epic Appreciation Event this year, offering our loyal node holders a VERY special and VERY limited edition VIM Smart NFT!

Thor — Special Holiday Edition VIM

This year, in recognition of their close bond with VeChain, VIMworld is launching a joint collaborative effort with us — the first of its kind — by bringing Thor to VIMworld. This special VIM has been signed by Sunny Lu himself, making it a truly unique addition to the VIMworld open metaverse, and marking the first time Sunny has ever autographed anything for the VeChain community. With VIMworld’s innovative feeding and tier system to promote sustained interaction with VIMs, Thor will start at F-Tier and progress in appearance and tier all the way up to SX, his ultimate form if fully cared for. Be sure to check out VIMworld’s FAQ section for more information on this feature.

This special edition Thor VIM is being minted exclusively for the VeChain community this holiday season and will never be minted again after this. Thor has been given a fresh new look and backstory upon entering the VIMworld Open-Metaverse, made all the more unique by the addition of Sunny Lu’s very own autograph! Since this VIM is destined for VeChain’s most steadfast supporters, it will be minted with special Resilience Treasures. These treasures have been reserved for VIMworld’s most ardent supporters in the past, acting as a symbol for toughness and perseverance and making it the perfect representation of the commitment shown by VeChain node holders.

To make this event all the more epic, VeChain and VIMworld will be utilizing the innovative VIMdispenser to distribute the limited edition Thor VIM. This gumball machine-like mechanism is a fun and exciting way of snagging yourself a new VIM, and since standard VIMdispenser events usually sell out lightning-fast, this special holiday event will be limited to whitelisted addresses only and released in a series of four dispenser events starting Thursday December 16th at 12:00am UTC (Wednesday December 15th at 4:00pm PST).

VeChain Node holders and top-tier VIMworld supporters will have the opportunity to acquire Thor VIM for as little as 1 $VEED by meeting whitelist or snapshot requirements for one of the first two dispensers. The last two dispensers will be opened up to a broader group of our family and friends, but will feature a limited number of Thor VIMs priced up to 100,000 $VEED (discounted from MSRP of 200,000 $VEED). In the spirit of giving, all whitelisted qualified wallets for the Einn and Tveir rounds will be guaranteed a Special Edition Thor VIM for these discounted prices, and all proceeds from Thor VIM sales will be given back to the community during an upcoming one-time Blessing special event. More details on this will be released soon, so stay tuned!

Please review the details of each dispenser event below carefully. To be eligible to take part in these events, you will need to whitelist your Nodes using this Google form. The conditions vary for each dispenser event you take part in and the wallet requirements snapshot for all four dispensers will take place on Wednesday December 15th at 12:00am UTC (Tuesday December 14th at 4:00pm PST). Complete eligibility requirements and details for Node holders and VIM owners can be found in VIMworld’s announcement on Medium.

Dispenser Event “einn” — 1 $VEED Thor with 200 Resilience Treasures

  • Individual wallets must hold an X-node, Mjolnir, or Thunder Economic node at the snapshot AND,
  • Completed Whitelist form OR,
  • Individual wallets must hold an SX Tier VIM at the time of snapshot OR,
  • Individual wallets must hold an S6+ Tier St. Reed VIM at the time of snapshot
  • Purchase Thor for 1 $VEED between Dec 16th at 12:00am UTC and Dec 19th at 12:00am UTC

Dispenser Event “tveir” — 2,000 $VEED Thor with 100 Resilience Treasures

  • Individual wallets must hold a Strength Economic node at the time of snapshot AND,
  • Completed Whitelist form OR,
  • Individual wallets must hold an S8-S9 Tier VIM OR,
  • Individual wallets must hold an S2-S5 Tier St. Reed VIM
  • Purchase Thor for 2,000 $VEED between Dec 19th at 1:00am UTC and Dec 21st at 12:00am UTC

Dispenser Event “þrír” — 59,999 $VEED Thor with 50 Resilience Treasures

  • Individual wallets with X-node or Economic node at the snapshot that DID NOT purchase a Thor prior AND
  • Completed Whitelist form, OR
  • Individual wallets with an S Tier or above St. Reed VIM at the time of snapshot that DID NOT purchase a VIM in a prior dispenser event
  • 99 Thor VIMs prices at 59,999 $VEED will be released into the dispenser Dec 21st around 1:00AM UTC until sold out

Dispenser Event “fjórir” — 100,000 $VEED Thor with 50 Resilience Treasures

  • Individual wallets with an X-node or Economic node at the snapshot
  • Completed Whitelist form for any of the previous 3 events
  • Individual wallets with a St. Reed VIM of any tier
  • 99 Thor VIMs prices at 100,000 $VEED will be released into the dispenser Dec 22nd around 4:00PM UTC until sold out

Grab your VEED Now And Get Ready!

When the time comes and the VIMdispenser loads up with those Thor VIMs, you’ll need some VEED in your wallets to participate in the sale. Thankfully, we have multiple exchange options to make your lives nice and easy!

Centralised exchanges:

Decentralised exchange:

Future Blessings With Thor, VeChain’s Hero in VIMworld

With a special VIM, comes special plans to show our community how thankful we are for all their support. VIMworld has graciously offered to not only bring Thor to the VeChain community, but to also donate all proceeds from the dispenser sales to an upcoming reward event to VeChain node holders and VIMworld top-tier collectors. This donation is made in recognition of the incredible devotion and resilience shown by both VeChain node holders and VIMworld’s steadfast collectors. As Thor arrives in VIMworld he will partner with Austrför, one of the deities of their open metaverse, for a one-time airdrop Blessing event. Empowered by the spirit of giving, all proceeds from the Thor VIM dispenser sales will be placed into a pool for a Holiday Blessing event for VeChain node holders and qualifying VIM owners. The snapshot and further details for this upcoming Blessing will take place before the year ends, so be sure to stay tuned.

In addition, we plan to reward engagement and participation by the ever-loyal VeFam Node holders. If you receive a Thor in Dispenser Event einn, you will receive a 20,000 $VEED blessing if you hold your Thor VIM for 30 days after the dispenser event ends and you feed him to C-tier. Those purchasing a Thor VIM in Dispenser Event tveir will receive a 10,000 $VEED blessing if they hold their Thor VIM for 60 days after the dispenser event ends and feed him to C-tier.

We could not be more excited to honour our dedicated community and commemorate an incredible year in this way. Thank you once again to the loyal and steadfast node holders, vechain ecosystem community members, and to VIMworld for their gracious collaboration to make this possible. Happiest Holidays to you all!




The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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VeChain Foundation

VeChain Foundation

The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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