Digital Intellectual Protection Services Completed on VeChainThor in Collaboration with iTaotaoke

Blockchain technology is supposed to be helping the world in ways that it cannot improve itself. The use of VeChainThor can be applicable to many use cases, but its value creation emerges from how it enables the world to help itself. In that regard, the only thing that matters is real life use cases, adoption of the technology and the change that the blockchain provides. It is with that understanding that when VeChain decides to partner and make a solution, a solution is provided.

VeChain has finished the production of digital intellectual property services with partner iTaotaoke. As announced in late January 2018, iTaotoke is an open platform where both self-publishers and content providers can build their knowledge sharing workshops as well as monetize their content. VeChainThor will be responsible for securing the millions of smart contract transactions and value transfers provided through uploading, content protection, and tracking by this service. This solution offers trust-free reporting, protection, and monitoring services for content creators to offer fair value for their contributions and the tools to produce further. These services provide a competitive advantage, according to iTaotaoke, and they have already seen significant growth with their integration with WeChat and their teams exceptional background.

This implementation is co-developed with iTaotaoke and enables content creators to add content on the chain for copyright authentication and content tracking via the blockchain. This application also allows centralized websites to have decentralized hosting that protects both the content created and the creators through decentralized video hosting platforms.

Decentralized hosting enables centralized websites to provide a trust-free experience when managing the promotion and analytics of content hosted through the system. Users using iTaotaoke, or other VeChain decentralized hosting sites, will be unable to hide the views of videos as to cheat a fair system of value transfer within advertising. This solution also enables accurate marketing results through a platform that provides unalterable tracking and as a result will increase the user base of iTaotaoke, who views these services and tools as a substantial addition to their brand’s value as well as added value in protecting both themselves and their content providers from legal ramifications of prior existing solutions.

Uploaders can turn the “Intellectual Property Copyright Proof of Origin Authentication” (知识版权溯源登记)feature On or Off under Settings.

When uploading a piece of content, the uploader can pick if this content should be registered on the chain under “Intellectual Property Copyright Proof of Origin Authentication” or not.

This page shows all of the content the uploader that uses blockchain authentication protection. Users can click a link to download the “Certification of Authenticity” co-issued by iTaotaoke and VeChain.

“Certification of Authenticity” co-issued by iTaotaoke and VeChain.

The uploader can use the Manage Registration function to manage all entries, for example adding a previously uploaded content which was not registered on the chain.

Users of the platform will see a badge indicating that this content is protected by the blockchain solution.

Given the nature of VeChainThor, enterprise solutions will emerge quickly, as the technology is robust and flexible to meet any business use case. VeChain can deliver on their partnerships rapidly providing initial functionality that can radically alter a company’s competitive advantage, or products use case. As a result, VeChainThor continues to expand as the leading enterprise public blockchain.