Featuring SBTG, VeChain Meets Streetwear

3 min readOct 26, 2018

For Oct 26–28th event Street Superior, VeChain will be showcased with influential Singapore sneaker artist — SBTG (Short for SABOTAGE) in an initial limited edition collection of sneakers integrating smart chips and blockchain technology. This technical implementation will enable consumers to verify the Authenticity and Proof of Origin of SBTG shoe lines.

As the only technology partner for the Street Superior brand showcasing, VeChain will be front and center for the entire crowd throughout the event. Upon entry, every event ongoer will walk through a time capsule showcasing SBTG’s work over the past 15 years.

20 different pairs of shoes will be staggered and the final shoe will be “SBTG x VECHAIN” collection which is known as the shoe of the future.

This collaboration exhibits how the implemented solution can be applied to independently created authentic goods and collectibles.

VeChain’s NFC Chip is embedded in the “SBTG x VECHAIN” collection

Both parties see the need to create awareness for blockchain & VeChain’s anti-counterfeit solutions within the sneaker community and other collectible industries across Singapore. By protecting a local artist’s works and adding value to his Limited Edition collection this technology will allow implementing parties to take advantage of streamlined mobile applications, implementation standards, and easy to use hardware to verify the authenticity of their craft. By collaborating with SBTG, associated sneaker labels are also creating awareness of our solutions and seeking further means of implementation across their lines.

For this line of shoes, the consumer will scan the shoe and see photos of the shoes being sewn with the NFC chips and a video with a private message from SBTG all stored on the immutable VeChainThor Blockchain.

Moreover, VeChain will is supporting SBTG & Singapore Tourism Board on 10–11th November in Jakarta where SBTG will showcase 11 pairs of Adidas sneakers with VeChain’s chips embedded inside to prove its origin — Singapore.

To see more information on SBTG’s previous work: https://hypebeast.com/tags/sbtg

SBTG’s official website :


Along with the verification information and pictures, the following video introduction is seen when scanning the shoe within the VeChain Pro App.





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