VeChain partners with iTaotaoke to bring intellectual property protection to content creators

A startling transformation of the media industry has happened in the span of just a few years as the content economy has emerged. Content creators are striving to provide unprecedented reader value from content while monetizing their work. In this case, VeChain has pioneered to collaborate with Hubei Sanxin Cultural Media Ltd. and commits to developing significant capabilities in digital intellectual property protection through VeChain Thor.

Building intellectual property and trusted content marketing services alongside Hubei Sanxin to end anti-counterfeiting within the industry has promoted VeChain to partner with the iTaotaoke application.

iTaotaoke is a company that aims to provide an open platform where both self-publishers and content providers can build their knowledge sharing workshops as well as monetizes their content.

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iTaotaoke, an advanced platform for content marketing and community operations aims to help traditional media, publishers, self-publishers, educational institutions, and individual users/consumers to easily establish their content marketing structure, protect their rights and support profiting from their content.

iTaotaoke was released in January of 2018 and aims to emulate the exponential growth rate of their prior project, Yuebao, experienced. As a recently created platform, reaching over 10,000 new users and 1,000 new content providers in the last month, iTaotaoke uses its wealth of experience to overtake the market quickly and expects to grow iTaotaoke exponentially in 2018.

iTaotaoke has five interconnected business models: paid content, client management services, interactive marketing solutions, data analysis and financial management, and an open platform in which content providers can uniquely build brands, images, and personalities. iTaotaoke uses their team’s experience and reputation to attract top talent and build high-end technical solutions for a new class of content marketing ecosystems. They are truly proving to be pioneers in this ever-growing industry.

iTaotaoke utilizes VeChain Thor to digitally identify every piece of content or media created as released by content providers, safeguarding and securing intellectual property rights of their entire user base. This partnership enables the iTaotaoke team and application to establish their reputation among the market and win the trust of their users utilizing IP protection services and tools that no other provider is able to mimic. iTaotaoke has seen the value of VeChain Thor and is utilizing it to create a competitive advantage in their industry.

VeChain Thor is strengthened by the use of iTaotaoke and welcomes content platforms from around the world to continue to use its digital copyright and intellectual property solutions.

VeChain Thor’s current toolset and offering allow for services such as provided to iTaotaoke to become streamlined and mold to fit any industry or emerging technology, a trend that will continue as VeChain Thor grows. Please contact VeChain Foundation via to collaborate and explore what VeChain Thor can do to disrupt your business model and industry.

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The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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