Introducing the VeChain Technical Deep Dive Series

  • Embedded system (IoT and other hardware devices) development & capability
  • VeChainThor Blockchain Core
  • VeChainThor Applications
  • Thorify repo and API reference documentation — a Web3 adaptor for VeChainThor RESTful API, Thorify is an extended web3 that sends the request directly to VeChainThor’s RESTful API. So if you are writing applications or scripts executing in Node.js or Browser environment, you should use Thorify
  • Web3 gear — a tool to proxy VeChainThor’s RESTful API to Eth JSON-RPC, so if you are writing smart contracts using Remix, Truffle or other tools that use original web3, you should use Web3 Gear
  • Tool instruction — instruction on how to use Java Client SDK or Sync for private key management, building and signing transaction, sending transaction, using MPP function, querying blockchain info and confirming transaction
  • Java Client SDK — a collection of Java codes to interact with VeChainThor and access console
  • Sync desktop wallet and documentation — a desktop agent with VeChainThor account management, transaction building, blockchain explorer and switch between mainnet and testnet. Sync is under revamp into a full fledged dApp development and running environment
  • Thor-devkit — typescript library to aid dApp development on VeChainThor
  • Public VeChainThor Node — to facilitate developers to play around and test the VeChainThor
  • Sync powered by Electron — a full fledged environment currently under development for developers and users to develop, deploy and run dApps with built in tutorials, tools and dApps. In addition, we are working on Connex which redefines web3 to provide a more user friend and powerful way for dApps to interact with VeChainThor blockchain. We encourage and welcome developers in the community to participate in the project via Github and Core dev Gitter channel



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VeChain Foundation

The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.