Introducing the VeChain Technical Deep Dive Series

The VeChainThor Blockchain is public, expandable, and available. This is a feat, this is necessary, and this is something to expand upon. Throughout every implemented technology, be it IoT, A.I., Big Data, Cloud computing, etc, the world will not be radically transformed without the devotion, care, and support of its people. The VeChainThor Blockchain can bring true change, it can shift power, it brings transparency, fairness, and trust.

This is now officially the VeChain communities technology. The Foundation will keep moving and building, but now that this is public, open sourced, and expandable technology, it is no longer just the Foundation’s project.

We understand the call to expand VeChain can be daunting, the technology can be confusing, and our own public documentation, lacking. That is why we have decided to begin a brainshare campaign and devote resources into providing the tools, documentation, and support that the community needs to walk hand in hand with us, bringing this technology to the forefront. We believe strongly that despite being in contact with an abundance of enterprises and organizations, you are still more powerful than we will ever be.

We will begin this campaign with a video series of hardware lectures related to use cases that we have built solutions for. At the end of this lecture series, there will be a separate live streamed AMA series in which our CEO, CTO and Chief Scientist will answer topic related questions.

The point of this series is to help expand the idea of applied blockchain technology within the physical world, so when global standards and product lines become accessible you can use them to improve the world around you, be it social entrepreneurship or in traditional business.

Some topics covered include:

  • Embedded system (IoT and other hardware devices) development & capability

This lecture series is in prep for a much larger campaign to educate and empower the public. This campaign consists of potential lectures we hope to give in our upcoming Developer Conferences, VeChain DevCon 1.0. More information related to these Developer Conferences will be announced as venues and times become finalized.

We will deliver more that motivates interested onlookers to join the party.

These resources and tools will not only be developed for technical developers, but also for business developers. If you grow this ecosystem, you should reap its benefits.

We are currently working to provide more robust documentation, tools, and training courses for developing and integrating onto the VeChainThor Blockchain. This work is done alongside our traditional enterprise solution development and migration.

For parties looking to develop on VeChainThor today, please take a quick glance at available developer resources below:


VeChainThor core


  • Thorify repo and API reference documentation — a Web3 adaptor for VeChainThor RESTful API, Thorify is an extended web3 that sends the request directly to VeChainThor’s RESTful API. So if you are writing applications or scripts executing in Node.js or Browser environment, you should use Thorify

Work in progress

  • Sync powered by Electron — a full fledged environment currently under development for developers and users to develop, deploy and run dApps with built in tutorials, tools and dApps. In addition, we are working on Connex which redefines web3 to provide a more user friend and powerful way for dApps to interact with VeChainThor blockchain. We encourage and welcome developers in the community to participate in the project via Github and Core dev Gitter channel

There is a whole new world waiting for us and we, the wholesome community, get to build it.



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