Introducing VeChain’s CTO Gu Jianliang to the Community

We are glad to introduce our Chief Technology Officer Gu Jianliang to the community. Mr. Gu joined VeChain in 2017 as CTO and is in charge of technical development and management, committed to promoting the IoT integration and co-leads VeChain Thor mainnet development. Mr. Gu leads the roadmap for both passive (UHF/HF/LF) and active IoT (2G/3G/NB-IoT) devices and provide Blockchain+IoT solutions for enterprise implementations. Mr. Gu is both a hardware expert and an experienced software developer by training and experience.

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Before joining VeChain, Mr. Gu worked as the Technology Director within TCL & ALCATEL Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. (a multinational electronics company) and has accumulated over 18 years of experience in relevant industries, such as mobile telecommunication and IoT.

Notably, during his career at TCL & ALCATEL, Mr. Gu led the technical team at TCL & ALCATEL to design various mobile communication devices for T-mobile, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, etc. He also redefined many hardware design standard, including baseband, audio, multimedia, etc. In addition, he established the design principle of basic software functionality, including power management, security design, etc.

Apart from his rich experience in relevant industries, Mr. Gu also holds, invented and helped to invent more than 100 relevant patents in varying fields, such as integrated circuit design, mobile device power management, enhanced traceability by utilizing NFC technology, etc.

Some publicly viewable patents are:

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Mr. Gu has helped VeChain apply and obtain patents since joining VeChain such as the picture above where VeChain Thor is utilizing NFC technology for it’s product tracing platform. Mr. Gu has had a large impact on VeChains ability to rapidly secure and patent its core technology and we fully expect that trend to continue moving forward.

So far, Mr. Gu’ had implemented and is executing VeChain solutions for the following partners:

  • D.I.G
  • China Unicom
  • madeforgoods
  • Gui’an Smart Government
  • Healthcare Co. Ltd (Mlily)
  • BitOcean
  • Hubei Sanxin Cultural Media Ltd.
  • iTaotaoke
  • China Tobacco via NRCC

Mr Gu is also responsible for the spearheading the hardware partnerships of VeChain such as Jiangsu Printed Electronics Co. Ltd., Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co Ltd., and other announced hardware partnerships.

Mr. Gu graduated from Shanghai University with a degree in Cybernetics.

We will be rolling out VeChain’s hardware capabilities in the next days, starting with the introduction of our CTO Mr. Gu. We believe the series of releases will finally make clear to the community that VeChain’s hardware capabilities is one of if not the best among IoT projects in China or even the world, please stay tuned.

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Twitter: @VeChain_GU

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The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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