Introduction to VeChain’s new Partner: Jiangsu Printed Electronics Co., Ltd

When aiming to build a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem enabling transparent information flow, efficient collaboration, and high-speed value transferring one’s platform must adapt and continuously find ways to improve alongside an ever-improving business landscape. That is why we realize our ideal ecosystem needs to remain grounded to its strengths and overcome its present obstacles along every step of the way.

There are many angles of attack which the VeChain Foundation are pursuing, some of which are public, with both government and business partnerships, external branding improvements alongside internal governance structure revolutions. Despite our public facing business relation improvements appearing to be the majority of our release notes recently, we have never lost sight of our core differentiating characteristic, our ability to make cutting edge and disruptive technology.

For VeChain to achieve its apotheosis and become a global business ecosystem, we need to partner with reliable strategic technology partners along the way. It is with that understanding that we sought out one of the most influential innovation companies as a core partner in developing the hardware for VeChain Thor: Jiangsu Printed Electronics.

VeChain officially established a cooperative relationship by signing a strategic agreement with Jiangsu Printed Electronics Co., Ltd. in November 2017. Both parties agreed that we would mutually explore and cooperate towards solutions within blockchain-centric IoT equipment.

Jiangsu Printed Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in China and funded by the “Father of Global Flexible Electronics”, Professor Zhang Xiachang in 2011. With a central focus on advanced technology in printed batteries (paper batteries), Jiangsu Printed Electronics has developed into an integrated platform for improvement research, app development and investment in printed batteries. Compared to traditional production methods, printed electronics technology enjoys considerable advantages in the improvement of production efficiency, quality and cost reduction due to their customization and disposable nature.

In 2016, Jiangsu Printed Electronics Co., Ltd. collaborated with an esteemed Japanese printing, packing, and smart card manufacturer Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Together, they mutually developed a super high-frequency RFID solution for temperature monitoring. This tag guarantees the trustworthiness, quality and reliability of cold-chain transportation through constant monitoring of temperature changes within products. This new technology resolved a vital necessity for products that require constant-temperature storage (such as food and medicine) throughout the transportation process; a method left unresolved prior.

Paper Battery Sample

Autonomously developed by VeChain, the NFC/RFID smart chip represents one of the core technologies when developing our IoT ecology system. It is imperative that VeChain continuously strives for solutions regarding the expansion of service life within batteries for smart chips. As the leading enterprise for flexible battery technology, Jiangsu Printed Electronics Co., Ltd. is world-renowned for developing compact, flexible, thin and highly efficient products. The flexible batteries produced by Jiangsu Printed Electronics Co., Ltd. have provided tremendous technical capability within VeChain’s smart chips.

RFID Sample

The current cooperation between Jiangsu Printed Electronics Co., Ltd. and VeChain has significant meaning for the advancement of global IoT solutions. The blockchain-centric smart chips empower both Jiangsu Printed Electronics and VeChain to have an immediate impact in emerging markets and capitalize on the longevity in which a global business ecosystem built on such solutions provide. Both parties are committed to the vision VeChain has established and see a tremendous future in the hardware capabilities for these innovations in IoT.

These improved smart chips enable VeChain Thor to serve the thousands of future partners and stakeholders in a way that only Jiangsu Printed Electronics allows it to do.

The power of VeChain Thor continues to grow, and Jiangsu Printed Electronics is a key contributor to why we are confident to call this development an apotheosis.



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