The first community video contest of the VeChain Video Contest Series

The first community video contest of the VeChain Video Contest Series is community organized, VeChain Foundation endorsed: Informative video on VeChain’s high level visions and positioning — — VeChain: An Introduction (4000 VET token reward total)

With the recent surge in community reach, we recognize the need to make content and education material to serve those recently researching VeChain better. As the demand became apparent, we wanted to carry the mantra of VeChain Thor into our community and “empower everyone”. To empower the community means that we, as the foundation, have to invest our heart and funds into it much as it has us.

It is with that welcoming heart we commence our very first community initiative and video contest.


We would like to empower you as a community member to create videos that introduce and explain what VeChain is. The intent of these videos should be to explain VeChain to someone who has never heard of us or blockchain technology.

What should the video include?


  1. What is the vision of VeChain?
  2. Per Sunny’s AMA, VeChain Thor Blockchain is being rebranded/repositioned into a standalone platform. Explain what this means, how will this platform assist in the development vision of the VeChain Ecosystem? And who is it targeting?
  3. What are the capabilities of VeChain Thor and the VeChain Foundation? Feel free to use the suggested topics below:
  • Current and future use cases of VeChain (traceability, Cold-Chain Logistics, etc.);
  • Hardware Capabilities (NFC, RFID, QR code or NB-IOT);
  • Data solutions (i.e. Digital Data storage);
  • Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) and how VeChain allows governments & enterprises (Fortune 500) to run ICOs & dApps on the blockchain.


  1. VeChain will be able to process up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS), explain the importance of this TPS;
  2. VeChain Thor Blockchain Economic Model;
  3. THOR Power Tokens reward system: VET holders and Masternode holders earn free THOR Power tokens as reward. Show the approximate base rewards per VET token + additional percentages for each masternode/economic node;
  4. Description of THOR Power Tokens and how they generate;
  5. Who are PwC and DNV GL and how will they use VeChain?


  1. Subscribe and view submitted work on the community YouTube:
  2. Maximum duration of the video is no longer than five minutes;
  3. Any language is welcome but closed captioning must be enabled and in English;
  4. Conform to all copyright laws. Only use images that you own or have purchased the copyright for. We would be disappointed not to be able to display your work!
  5. Upload your video on YouTube and send the URL with your name and preferred contact information, prior to February 10, 2018, 12 AM Beijing time, to one of the following community admins:

4. Be G-rated (pornographic, racist, illegal or otherwise inappropriate videos will be automatically disqualified from competition)

5. After submitting your entry, VeChain holds the right to redistribute any and all portions of your work.

6. After submitting your entry, you agree that VeChain has the exclusive right to redistribute any and all portions of your work in perpetuity, and VeChain also reserves the right to use your entry in promotional or other materials as VeChain sees fit. Also, should your entry win the competition, you agree that the winning entry will immediately become the sole and exclusive property of VeChain, including copyright privileges, and you agree to forfeit any ownership and copyright claims to VeChain. You also agree not to use your entry, should you win, without VeChain’s express written permission. This now means that VeChain can legally use any portions of any video submitted without further permission from the entrant. It also means that the winning entry will become VeChain’s property.

The winners of the video contest will be announced on February 14, 2018, via VeChain’s official Twitter account.

Interested participants feel free to use our Discord under “Video Contest” channel to find your partners, discuss and work on this community event together, at the same time we will have moderators on duty to answer questions. After all, VeChain Discord was created to host community efforts to have in depth discussions and create tangible deliverables for the VeChain Ecosystem.

Winning Criteria:

The video will be judged by Sunny, Noah and selected community moderators of VeChain. VeChain holds the rights to add additional qualified judges.

The video will be assessed by using the below criteria:

  • 20% Correctness (Description of the video should include sources used)
  • 20% Ability to Communicate (how easy is it to understand and is it inspiring?)
  • 20% Creativity (embrace your artistic side)
  • 20% Presentation and Quality
  • 20% Overall Impact (Does it have a compelling call to action? Do people like it? Does your work prompt a response?)

In addition to the above parameters, the team will look at social perception and potential foul play when analyzing the video.

The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.