The latest update for VeChain’s iOS App is available on Apple’s App Store

The new update enables our testing of NFC (Near Field Communication) scanning functionality, which allows users to scan QR codes or embedded smart chips of products via the use of the VeChain App. VeChain provides a complete demonstration of the information flow regarding the products’ life cycle.

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VeChain has already enabled NFC function on the Android Version of VeChain App. However, due to the comparatively closed system of Apple’s iOS system, only the developers at Apple could grant the permission to configure NFC function within the Apple iOS system before June 2017.

Luckily, Apple has released a new framework entitled “CoreNFC” within their iOS11 launch event in June 2017. CoreNFC officially granted public access to NFC configuration for Apple iOS systems and thus enabled the synchronization of both iOS and Android versions of the VeChain App.

By scanning the QR code or embedded smart chips of products, you can:

Conduct cross-border tracing of wine products through every stage of their life cycle, including the tracing of winery production to storage within free trade zone warehouses, across every distribution channel and every shop;

Conduct tracing of logistics, storage and transfer processes of luxury products. Once the consumers obtain the products, they can explore the hidden life cycle and “history” of the products by scanning the smart chips. These chips are attached to the label of the product and determine the genuineness of the products. The consumers may also claim digital ownership regarding the obtained products through mobile terminals;

Conduct tracing and management regarding your assets or any operations with handheld terminals conveniently.

Stay tuned for more blockchain-based applications for agricultural products, automobile industry, and government administration and much more.

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The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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