VeChain and INPI ASIA Incorporate Nanotech Digital Identity Solutions Within the VeChainThor Platform

As the leading enterprise public blockchain platform, VeChain Foundation has the responsibility to continuously lead the way in adding to the scope and advancement of the VeChainThor Platform. In order to create a platform with holistic capabilities, VeChain Foundation’s approach is to integrate the best product makers and solution developers around the world into our ecosystem. By combining software solutions, hardware and IoT solution capabilities the VeChainThor Platform can reach the maximum amount of use cases covered, and in turn, expedite the rate that mass adoption can take place.

As one of our key competitive advantages, VeChain is the world leader in IoT interoperability and functionality for public blockchain solutions. We love integrating cutting-edge technologies as many of these new technologies can solve gaps or bottlenecks within use cases. On top of the IoT solutions developed in-house by our development team, we continuously seek out and integrate the bleeding edge of IoT tracking and authenticity technology from elite groups around the world.

We are proud to announce that VeChain has partnered with advanced digital identification and IoT device solutions developer and provider, INPI ASIA. INPI ASIA is a company that provides a fundamental revolution in digital identification by utilizing an unprecedented combination of nanotechnology, secured digital technology and photonics technology creating a new type of digital identification solution. When appropriately used, INIPI ASIA can disrupt the current dynamic of the RFID/NFC/QR Code dominant market. This new solution is called NDCode™.

NDCode is the fundamental revolution for digital identification.

NDCode™ adds to the IoT market by:

  1. Adding nano identification to products enabling a new world of connected “THINGS ”
  2. Enabling a security level with photonic property
  3. Bringing a truly endless life cycle to digital identification
  4. Opens untapped scalability potential and cost efficiency

The potential use case for NDCode™ Technology is numberless as this technology expands upon of the very apparent limitations of RFID, QR code, and NFC chips.

At present the features of NDCode™ include:

  • High temperature resistance: max 1000˚c;
  • Long lasting: Lasts well over 100 years;
  • High identification rate: NDCode can be identified in full dark environment, can be identified even with 30% damaged code;
  • Arbitrary shape: The NRCode can be made in any shape, minimum 5mm*5mm, even suitable for curved surfaces;
  • High structural strength: can be used in harsh environment, no fear of moisture, or electromagnetic interference;
  • Broad adoption: Embed directly into the material itself. Can be applied to various materials, including metal, paper, leather, plastic, etc.
  • Invisibility: No Color, not able to be seen by naked eye

INPI ASIA and VeChain have partnered in an end to end solution for their current and upcoming products providing a trust layer to digital data produced from their products. This partnership ensures the history and origin of a product cannot be altered and corresponding data entries can be verified via the VeChainThor Blockchain. This technology can open numerous new markets and applications to be developed that capitalize on this unique technology.

To do so, VeChain will create immutable timestamps for origination of documentation and data providing Proof of Existence. The VeChainThor blockchain will also be used to detect fraudulent changes or efforts as well as creating auditing tools for their enterprise’s servers and clients.

This solution enables maintenance of public auditing while preserving privacy as well as promotes transparency for public users on behalf of enterprises and government bodies.

VeChain Blockchain technology in combination with NDCode™ provide:

  • Authenticated traceability
  • Proof of data authenticity
  • Audit capability to protect against data fraud on server infrastructure
  • Physical asset tokenization and ownership trading via the VeChainThor Blockchain from raw material level

By partnering with INPI ASIA, NDCode™ provides unique use cases for VeChain Ecosystem’s enterprise and government partnerships that extend past the limitations of current solutions. The use of NDCode™ goes well beyond the scope many initially want to apply. Some of the prominent use cases for this technology include:

With NDCode™ any institution that relies on the authenticity of vital records such as governments, bank bills, financial institutions, medical facilities, or universities can apply VeChainThor Blockchain powered solutions to comply with industry standards while ensuring the integrity of their documentation beyond current limitations. The use of this technology within authenticating documentation is simple in design and can easily be integrated into existing systems while enhancing paper trails through proof of publishing and existence solutions.

Given the size of the NDCode™ solution while being both invisible and permanent, this technology the perfect technology for incorporating fine art, collectibles, and antiques onto the blockchain for authentication. In 2014 a study estimated that over 50% of fine art is fake. With a current market size of $45 Billion, fine art has long been resistant to IoT incorporation due to the inability to incorporate a visible chip into a piece of art that does not damage its aesthetic appeal and value. NDCodes™ is readily applicable to this market as they provide an elegant and cost-effective method to authenticate works of art and antiques onto the blockchain. The Asian fine art market is a high volume market that has seen industrial-level production for millennia, necessitating a cheap, durable and invisible-to-the-eye solution that INPI ASIA provides with their nanotechnology-enabled NDCode™ solutions.

Every component of machinery can be tagged using NDCode™ Technology, adding additional value to supply chain management dApps. Every step of the product’s lifecycle, from raw material to manufacturing, to logistics, production, resale, and waste, can be managed using a combination of NDCode™ and the VeChainThor Blockchain. The use of NDCode far exceeds traditional RFID technology given their current limitations.

The use of NDCode™ within a numberless amount of industries, not just the uses highlighted, provides a unique opportunity for mass adoption of blockchain technology. The use of the NDCode™ is already being incorporated by unannounced clients or partnerships. By building a system that can easily be molded to hardware, software, and regulators, the VeChainThor Platform can continue to be the world leader in enterprise adoption paving the way for a world built on blockchain. Working in collaboration with others who are more capable than ourselves, such as INPI Asia the IoT Solution provider, is the only way to reach the world successfully, we live for collaboration.

The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.