VeChain has finalized the terms of a strategic partnership with BitOcean. BitOcean is an ATM solution selling cryptocurrencies nationwide across both China and Japan.

As one of the fastest growing solution, BitOcean is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to become fully licensed by the Japan’s Financial Services Authority (FSA).

This government license is a major milestone towards BitOcean’s ascent to becoming one of the largest platforms with fiat/cryptocurrency trading pairs with location based ATM networks and digital exchange in the world.

VeChain special advisor, Nan Ning, who is the CEO of BitOcean China, has been instrumental in the development of VeChain’s model to make VeChain widely adoptable across governmental bodies. His experience with Bitcoin ATMs and BitOcean’s licensing with the Japan’s FSA are highly valued across the industry.

Nan Ning has worked tirelessly to drive BitOcean’s growth and his accomplishments have made him one of the most influential cryptocurrency professionals in the world. BitOcean is not only seeing a growing interest in physical ATMs but also partnerships regarding the long term strategic growth of cryptocurrencies. By selectively choosing such an intensive partnership with VeChain, as both a company and advisor, BitOcean is committing to buy and sell VET with their physical ATMs using Japanese Yen and growing VeChain alongside BitOcean’s global expansion.

As Chinese regulations become more transparent, BitOcean will also support VeChain’s development of the world’s first blockchain powered exchange as advisor. VeChain’s solution is currently designed to handle physical goods’ trading via CNY both digitally and through VeChain token in person.

We are honored to continue building the world’s first ATM powered token application ecosystem on the blockchain alongside BitOcean.

The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.