VeChain Blockchain Solutions to Enter China’s Tobacco Industry in Force

4 min readJan 14, 2018


VeChain’s blockchain + IoT solution to the 1st BAAS to enter China’s Tobacco industry by working with National level government body — State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and China Central Government owned China National Tobacco Corporation, via an exclusive partnership with NRCC.

When DNV GL committed to being strategic partners of VeChain, it didn’t do so lightly. Committing their business network and assurance services to develop solutions built on blockchain technology through VeChain to advance DNV GL’s digital solution presence is not a small task nor a small commitment. The exact scope of the partnership will be announced soon, however, work is imminent.

DNV GL, being the most trusted and professional entity for assurance, creates a global standard for the internal processes of large enterprises in terms of production procedures, production safety procedures, and quality assurance methods. A full list of DNV GL classifications and certifications can be found here. ( Due to their global presence in assurance and certification standards, DNV GL’s network of companies extends over 80,000 worldwide.

Three months ago, DNV GL introduced a trusted “gateway” entity to VeChain, NRCC, or National Research Consulting Center, a top tier management, standard and IT consultant in China. (

We are excited to announce that under the guidance of DNV GL, VeChain has signed an exclusive strategic partnership agreement with NRCC to develop and implement blockchain related solutions across their business network.

One of the partnership’s focus is to develop solutions for China’s tobacco industry via their partnerships with the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the China National Tobacco Corporation.

VeChain will be providing proof of origin and anti-counterfeit technology to track Chinese produced tobacco products throughout the entire supply chain. This partnership came into place as China announced a crackdown on smuggled counterfeit cigarettes.

The other focus of this partnership is more long term strategic and significantly more disruptive. The current model of tobacco product distribution includes manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end users.

VeChain will work with tobacco regulatory bodies and manufacturers to create specific blockchain+IoT solutions to collect end user data so that manufacturers can utilize the data collected to management internal supply chain more effectively and to develop products which are more fitting to end users’ likings. This disruption can save increase transparency for regulators, save manufacturer costs, increase revenue, and eventually eliminate layers of distribution bottleneck.

China’s tobacco market accounts for roughly 30% of the world’s total consumption of cigarettes and is the world’s largest manufacturer of tobacco products measured in revenue. In the first half of 2017, China sold 24,752,000 cases of cigarettes (a standard case in China is 250 cartons), in the amount of approximately producing 772.712 billion yuan in sales.

About NRCC

NRCC is among the most prestigious consulting companies across China. NRCC serves as a China Enterprise Confederation Management Advisory Committee Executive Committee Member and a China Association for Certification and Accreditation Advisory Committee Member. They are also the first of its kind, within China, to have gone through the International Quality Management System Certification process.

NRCC specializes in the professional development of domestic companies, or organizations, that actively seek international standards and approvals. NRCC is renowned among its clients for outstanding leadership, commitment to success, professionalism and commitment to quality.

With more than one hundred senior consultants recognized as partners, NRCC’s core business covers management consulting, industrialization and information consulting, lean change consulting, information technology, advanced training.

NRCC serves more than 1000 long term enterprises clients servicing a large portion of Fortune Global 1000 companies. After more than a decade of management consulting practice, NRCC has formed a pragmatic project management and quality assurance system establishing an international partner network extending through Europe and the United States.

NRCC’s services the following industries:

  1. Government Administration
  2. Tobacco
  3. Automotive
  4. Agriculture and Food
  5. Financial Services and Insurance
  6. Pharma/healthcare
  7. Property development and construction
  8. Oil / Gas
  9. Energy/Electric Power
  10. Manufacturing

NRCC strategic business network includes some of the following:

State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and China Tobacco Corp.

Official Site:


Fuyao Glass

Official Site:

Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co


Hisense Electronics

General Motors

It is an honor for DNV GL to show such faith in VeChain as to provide strategic partnerships such as NRCC. VeChain working directly with NRCC to develop a solution for State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the China National Tobacco Corporation adds to the strength of VeChain as a government blockchain technology alongside its work in Gui’an and Shanghai. NRCC’s commitment in VeChain to extended past a standard working agreement into a core strategic partnership continues to promote the apotheosis that DNV GL and PwC initiate when they saw VeChain as true global enterprise blockchain solution.

We are committed to begin a new journey with NRCC, other government agencies, and Global Fortune 1000 companies to be announced. Through PwC, DNV GL, and the addition of NRCC, the apotheosis is here.




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