VeChain Enables Customers to Verify the Proof of Origin in Japanese Tea Products

The history of Japanese tea culture dates back to the 9th century.The ceremonial way of preparing and serving tea to customers has become one of the most prevalent arts in Japan. To improve authenticity and traceability of tea products, VeChain is working with one of the most historic tea businesses in Japan run by the Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden. By utilizing an advanced traceability and IoT solution, Fuji MARUMO Tea’a customers are able to verify the origin of their tea products by using a smartphone to read the NFC chips embedded on the package.

In this first trial batch, there are a total of 100 products embedded with VeChain’s NFC chips which serve as a memorable limited edition offering of Fuji Tea. This trial is the Proof of Concept for the larger partnership that will be implemented upon completion.

For this solution, VeChain assigns every product a unique ID assuring the exclusiveness of the line. Through the NFC chip, customers can verify that the origin of their tea is from Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden, the unique environment for cultivating tea in Japan. Furthermore, when scanning the chips, the consumer can retrieve further information about the product, such as the history of the tea garden in a video and a verification certificate issued and stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain.

Demo of how the Fuji Tea product embedded with VeChain’s NFC chip works

Located in Shizuoka, Japan, one of the most famous origins of Japanese tea, Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden has a history over 90 years. Shizuoka is richly endowed by nature, especially by the rich soil and dry wind around Mont. Fuji. Shizuoka is so well established and sought after that it has been a staple in Japanese tea gardens and tea culture as early as 1241.

Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden

By starting the product from this wonderful environment for tea, the Honda family, founder of the Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden, has succeeded the title of tea master — Mohei Honda since 1920s. Tea masters know the skills of cultivation and blending, as well as tea business which is succeeded by family. As a result, the traditional way of making tea is retained while new technologies are applied to improve and expand the businesses.

Introduction video of the Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden

Now, the fifth Mohei Honda is in charge of the tea garden as well as inheriting tea method. His strong passion and rich experience of tea have led him to be the winner of the World Green Tea Contest Supreme Gold Award in 2013. He is also the president of Shizuoka’s 100-Tea Organization. Mr. Honda devotes himself into popularizing the culture of Japanese Tea overseas and has continuously been asked to travel to USA and Europe to hold tea parties that demonstrate his tea culture.

With VeChain’s traceability solution, Fuji Tea products carry more detailed information related to the Japanese tea culture and is serviced in a way that is able to be shared with consumers in a brand new way. This is a the Mr. Honda has been searching for.

On 7th of December, Fiji MARUMO Tea Garden will demonstrate tea products with VeChain’s technology and Japanese tea culture at Japan Classy Culture Experience & Party held in Singapore. For more information, please visit and sign up via the website:

Together with Fuji Tea, VeChain is bringing the cutting-edge technology solution to one of the most historical industries. By combining blockchain and traditional culture, VeChain assures trust in traditional industries and helps promote traditional culture to the world.

Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden’s official website:



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