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Image for post (DBET) is a transparent, smart contract based sports betting platform and online casino. Today it was announced that DBET will be the first of many dApps to make the switch from Ethereum to the VeChainThor Blockchain.

Read the official DBET release here.

The DBET platform will be the first of its kind to let anyone participate be the house for a casino. This platform will make use of a trusted setup wherein the addresses will provide betting lines and outcomes. All transactions will be transparent and verifiable on the blockchain. This transparency will make it impossible for malicious or predatory activity to take place from the outset. All payouts, credit distributions, lottery winnings, house buy-ins, would be completely decentralized and determined on-chain.

The team at DBET has made significant progress to bolster their team, vision, and progress. Their end product will help introduce a new age in gaming and casinos that enable transparency, fairness, and trust. The built platform will be host to multiple games and sports options ranging the spectrum of user interest.

Moving forward the DBET team has four phases of growth in which they define as:

  1. Firing Room: Reshaping and consolidating what they have done so far. This includes finishing up their Mainnet and building their first application/game ready to be used by the public.
  2. Booster Phase: The vertical and continual expansion of their online casino games which will include further developed slots, table games, blackjack, poker and other unique platform offerings.
  3. Frontier Expansion: Horizontal expansion into different types of houses within the betting realm based on market needs and wants. Strategic areas will include: Esports, comprehensive sports betting and skill based betting.
  4. After Burner: A comprehensive strategic upgrade of everything

DBET is a licensed platform legally capable of conducting services in more than one hundred countries around the world. Their reach will continue to expand as they are actively working with various regulatory bodies and organizations for similar licenses. Their team has proven to make every appropriate action deemed necessary to produce an honest, legitimate, and valued company.

DBET was mere weeks away from releasing their mainnet prior to committing to this transition. This speaks volumes to the level of trust and promise they have in the future of the VeChainThor Platform and surrounding ecosystems. To service this, VeChain has committed to providing the tools, training, and support required to seamlessly migrate and expand upon their current offering.

Their team has stated that:

The transition to VeChain will be smooth, their product is world class, and they have designed this system to help onboard parties like ours, who are frustrated with Ethereum.”

Please join VeChain in welcoming DBET. For more news, please follow the following social media accounts:

If you are a dApp looking for information about migrating to the VeChainThor Blockchain please contact

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The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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