1. Below are the two types of NFC digital chip for alcoholic products
Frontside of the tag
backside of the tag
Frontside of the tag
Backside of the bag
Tag sample 1
Tag Sample 2
Part of the read-write code that written independently by VeChain
VeChain Smartchip Automation Workstation
  1. VeChain Japan community meetup will be held in Tokyo on Nov 1st 2017. This event will be live broadcasted through Facebook and other Internet platforms. Sunny Lu, the leader of the project, will introduce the project including ICO related information, token refund updates, globalization strategy and other related topics to Japan community members;
  2. VeChain actively communicated with CoinMarketCap and submitted relevant documents of the amount of circulating supply and the total supply of VeChain Token (VEN);
  3. VeChain Foundation registered a brand new twitter account: vechainofficial ( Besides, the official Reddit forum is getting more active now. Thank everyone from the community for the great support!
  4. Last week, VeChain Foundation published two short videos of VeChain application that directly shows the community how VeChain applications verifies the authenticity of products. Currently, the application for Android is available, and iOS version is waiting for approval from apple store, approximately released by next week;
  5. VeChain official website ( updated the link of Facebook and Twitter. Telegram and Reddit links were added too.



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VeChain Foundation

VeChain Foundation

The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.