VeChain Insignts Vol.11

VeChain Foundation has initiated the first research on non-financial application of blockchain technology in China in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Michigan State University. The research aims at exploring various topics including the current status of blockchain application in China, business decision makers’ value recognition towards blockchain technology, what are the key problems that enterprises expect blockchain technology to solve, whether the first enterprises that adopted blockchain technology has already benefited from the technology dividend or not and whether the blockchain technology will truly flourish in the next few years etc.

PwC Shanghai Office

The research is undertaken and implemented by Style International and iResearch. The research will be conducted via systemic analysis and will interpret and analyze all parties involved in the application of blockchain technology in China in all dimensions. The research strives to gain an in-depth and thorough understanding of the current status of blockchain technology in China for the provision of data and policy support regarding the development of blockchain industry in China.

The research project initiative meeting was held at PricewaterhouseCoopers Shanghai Office Huaihai Room in the afternoon of November 23rd, 2017. A group of directors and managers from influential enterprises of different industries, including Abbott China, Spring Airlines, Sinotrans, Ford Group and Deutsche Bahn, were invited to attend the initiative meeting and experienced the huge potential regarding the application of blockchain technology in non-financial fields.

VeChain CEO: Sunny Lu
PwC Cybersecurity and Blockchain Service Senior Manager: Kevin Feng

VeChain CEO Sunny Lu and the senior manager of Cybersecurity and Blockchain Service Department of PricewaterhouseCoopers Kevin Feng have communicated with all audience on site regarding the application sharing of VeChain blockchain technology in non-financial fields, the development of blockchain technology and its basic facts respectively.

Audience participation and interaction during the meeting

Under the support of VeChain technology, another batch of Beaujolais Gamay red wine from the world famous Pierre Ferrand Chateau of France has arrived at D.I.G warehouse in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone and is now available for sale at various D.I.G shops for the celebration of the coming Christmas and Chinese New Year Sales.

This batch of newly arrived Beaujolais Gamay red wine from Pierre Ferrand Chateau were brewed from the most famous grape species from Beaujolais area in France. The Gamay red wine from this area is light and flavoured with fruit and is ideally matched with Brie Cheese, yellow cheese, Munster Cheese and beef etc.

The officially registered name of Gamay is “Gamay Noir a Jus Blanc”, which is a natural hybrid offspring of Pinot and Gouais Blanc. This time, D.I.G directly transported the red wine from its country of origin to our customers and thus guaranteed the freshness and quality of the wine. The blockchain-based wine products tracing service platform specifically designed by VeChain also conducted real time tracing of this batch of wine regarding their life cycles over all production and transportation links through smart contract. VeChain blockchain technology ensures the correct and precise record of the product in every circulation link, from Free Trade Zone warehouse to distribution centres, every sales channel and every shop.

We’ve got some fine wine here, do you have your stories to tell?

VeChain Foundation

November 24th, 2017



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