VeChain Introduces Michigan State University As First VeResearch Participant and Pioneering the MEC Development of EdgeChain

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What is Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)?

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is a powerful new technology that will revolutionize and decentralize the way our cell phone networks currently function. The goal of Mobile Edge Computing is to push the computational resources out to the very edges of the cell network (and closest to its users). This is done by physically placing servers (MEC base stations) as close to the cell tower as possible, often housed at the tower itself. These MEC base stations create the possibility of near zero latency but also add significant computing power right at the point of connection to the network.

Why MEC on VeChain Thor?

This new technology is decentralizing the cellular industry and the number of vendors in the space is about to rapidly expand with Edge Application Vendors, MEC Service Providers, Network Service Providers and others. These vendors are all part of a new marketplace that is forming around MEC data. Data will soon be entering the marketplaces from cell phones, cars, governments, business and industrial applications at an unprecedented rate.

What can VeChain do with EdgeChain?

EdgeChain is being built on the VeChain Thor enterprise blockchain platform. All EdgeChain services and functions will be available to any VeChain application that needs MEC interoperability, essentially creating a MEC extension library on the VeChain platform. EdgeChain is both the algorithm for deciding how to place data with different vendors and also the public ledger that provides the trusted recordset of all transactions. All aspects of EdgeChain are transparent easily auditable by anyone.



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