VeChain partners with Australian based 188 Business Alliance Association

VeChain continues to work alongside businesses, governments, academies, and individuals across the globe that have enabled VeChain to build solutions impacting the everyday life of people. VeChain has the opportunity to offer significant value to a group of hundreds of business owners within the Australian based 188 Business Alliance Association named after the subclass visa provided by the Australian government.

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188 Business Alliance Association is composed of hundreds of ethnic Chinese individuals who own and operate small and medium sized businesses in Australia. These businesses are mainly dealing with export / import business between China and Australia but have global routes. The existence of 188 BAA is to organize these businesses in a way that achieves larger goals that opens up industry opportunities and efficiency. For example, exports to China are worth approximately 60 billion AUD every year. Exporting Australian beef products to China is a 781.9.3 million AUD a year business, growing at a rate of 22% in 2017. More and more businesses in Australia are jumping on to the exporting business, especially from China, and small to medium sized business will be the ones to benefit the most from this opportunity.

By uniting efforts and resources, utilizing VeChain’s revolutionary technologies, these small and medium sized enterprises stand a chance against the import/export giants of the world. An obvious way that VeChain Foundation can help these SMEs are to offer authentication and brand protection using VeChain IoT and blockchain solutions. By tagging each exported product, VeChain is empowering their brand to be received well among Chinese users and vice versa.

Another less obvious, but strategic opportunity is to cut cost among the 188 BAA by jointly owning a large logistic center in China and Australia.This center enables deeply discounted prices with logistics management and a hub for strategic growth and collaboration cross industries.

Imagine the kind of price you’d have to pay for sending 500 lbs of frozen meat internationally to China if you are a mom and pop business? Well, pooling solves this cost problem and through VeChain Thor, those costs are further reduces and efficiency is drastically improved across every facet of supply chain management.

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VeChain has signed with 188 BAA to effectively manage the logistic park management solution using VeChain IoT applications. VeChain will be integrating a combination of drones and IoT with VeChain Thor to capture, source, manage, and secure big data solutions for warehousing zones and logistic parks for cross-border business operations. This solution will be flexible enough for businesses to integrate other needs alongside VeChain within VeChain Thor’s ecosystem to collaborate and continue rebuilding cross-border business processes and ecosystems globally. 188 BAA Logistical Centers will circulate meats, dairy, wool, textile, and even mineral ores from mining and precious metals. The fully automated logistic centers in both Australia and China phase 1.0 will be funded by over 200 of the members of the 188 BAA, the design, planning, building of the project kicks off immediately.

The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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