VeChain Partners With Healthcare Co. Ltd

VeChain will always work with our partners closely and advise them towards their long-term goals because we know how powerful VeChain Thor blockchain is. Our business is built around enabling better business for clients. However, a journey of a 1000 miles always starts with the first step.

We are proud to present Healthcare Co. Ltd. (Mlily) as our newest partner.

As a China A-Shares listed Public Company, Healthcare Co. Ltd. is a Shanghai Stock Exchange Mainboard listed Company, DBA Mlily, Chinese Name 梦百合 (Stock Ticker: SHA:603313).

Mlily is the largest memory foam mattress and smart bedding product research, development and manufacturer in China. Milly is the first of its peers to step into healthcare-related industries utilizing its proprietary Smart Bedding products. Mlily has a global operations and sales coverage, including the following countries: China, US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Japan and Canada.

Mlily has also been an official global partner for Manchester United (NYSE:MANU) since they signed a five year contract back in October 31st, 2016.

Mlily will be utilizing VeChain Thor for Proof of Origin, Proof of Authenticity and Supply chain management. It is estimated that this project will add at least 20 million RFID chips every year for the next five years (blockchain data entry points) on chain. We are happy to know that VeChain Thor is making the difference we designed it to have. Companies like Mlily have unique barriers and business processes that make VeChain Thor a stronger smart contract platform.

Mlily梦百合 website link:

Healthcare co. Ltd. (Mlily) 梦百合 Google Finance Stock Page: Search SHA:603313



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