VeChain Partners with Shanghai Gas and ENN to Pilot Blockchain-Enabled Liquified Natural Gas Solution

Mr. Wang Zhehong (in the middle), Deputy General Manager of Shenergy (Group) Co., Ltd., Party Secretary and Chairman of Shanghai Gas (Group) Co., Ltd., Mr. Han Jishen (3rd left), Vice President of ENN Energy Holdings Limited, Mr. Li Zhen (3rd right), Chairman at Shenzhen Gas Co., Ltd, Kevin Feng, COO at VeChain and other representatives from Ganghua Gas, Chongqing Gas and Beijing Gas
Tank storage for LNG at Wuhaogou (五号沟), Shanghai, owned by Shanghai Gas (Group) Co., Ltd
  • All order information and associated tanker information
  • Logistics tanker IoT equipment information: GPS location information, acceleration information, pressure sensor information, driver driving information (whether the driver rests on time, driving habits, etc.)
  • Government mandated driver information: ID card, special vehicle driving license information, and outputs from the ENN face recognition system
ENN Zhoushan LNG station
  • 17 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions;
  • 172 urban natural gas projects;
  • More than 16 million resident users;
  • More than 91,000 industrial and commercial users;
  • 39,000+ kilometers middle-distance and main pipeline;
  • Cover more than 84 million urban population;
  • Investment and operation in 105 cities;
  • 606 natural gas station;
  • Total assets of 60 billion RMB



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VeChain Foundation

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