VeChain Partners With Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co. LTD (Innov)

Transitioning to a world ran on IoT requires numerous of hardware solutions. It is impractical to assume that VeChain Thor can create a global ecosystem built on the transparent flow of data if the chain limits the functions in which data can be inputted into the blockchain. As VeChain Thor continues to evolve, so will its unique hardware capabilities. VeChain will continue to onboard the world’s best hardware manufacturers to enable business ecosystems to be run on VeChain.

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Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co. LTD (Innov) will be joining forces with VeChain to provide their patented technology, configuring it to be compatible with the blockchain. With already established partners such as Coca-Cola, Hyundai, and Von Braun Labs, VeChain will be empowered by one of the worlds premium RFID innovators and utilize its unique hardware to meet the growing needs of signed customers. At the same time VeChain will benefit from the business relationships of Innov in terms of signing on future users of VeChain Thor’s smart contracts.

Though not a huge player in terms of total revenue, Innov is one of the few premium high end RFID developers that is publicly traded in China (see A) with the stock ticker of NEEQ: 430525. Innov serves as a diversified leading manufacturing company and specialize in research, production and sales. Innov’s products include high-end flexible printed circuit boards, IC package substrates, unique electronic materials, RFID tags, RFID readers, radio frequency antennas, power adapters, and more.

The company houses technical RFID solution services and integrations as well as a complete RFID label industry production line that includes:

  • RFID tag design
  • Tag Antenna etching line
  • Flip-chip mounting assembly
  • Materials lamination line
  • Die-cutting line
  • Tag/label testing machine
  • Chip personalized data programming line
  • UV surface serial barcode line
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Innov created an etching antenna transfer technology to make tags anti-tamper as well as develop non-reusable features, widely used for commodity traceability, security identification, vehicle management, item sealing and ticket management.They were the first to produce a RFID reader that uses audio communication to allow ordinary mobile platforms to read RFID labels. This reader guides RFID anti-tamper labels into new fields of electronic security ticket platforming, making RFID anti-tamper application and security verification popularized.

An Innov solution has already been implemented within unannounced VeChain partners within the luxury market with many more applications being developed.

Innov not only opens the doors for our hardware capabilities to meet growing needs but enables our technology to cater to existing partners utilizing patented hardware. The power of VeChain Thor continues to grow, and with Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co. LTD becoming a member of our ecosystem, we are one more step closer to Apotheosis.

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The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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