After introducing our CTO, Gu Jianliang, we announced that we would do a series of hardware related releases. We felt it’s appropriate to show off some of the demonstration technology we had on site at our Shanghai office which includes the temperature-sensitive RFID’s on our NB-IoT system, custom designed NFC tag printer, our patented NFC-RFID hybrid chips and the NFC printer we have designed to scale to mass production.

This is just a tease of the hardware functionality VeChain is patenting and implementing for unnamed partners. We are thrilled to roll more out to you during this time period.

Edit: The video has been updated to show the patented technology listed in the script.

Below is the transcript for the YouTube hardware teaser video:

“Welcome to the VeChain Foundation Office. We are excited to give you a glimpse of our cutting edge IoT hardware capabilities.

This an interface of our NB-IoT Demo system that connects our IoT devices, such as this RFID sensor that measures the temperature in real time. We also have a printed version.

I think you have seen this NFC printer that we designed in house which we use to print out NFC tags that we use on our wine solution. This is one of our many working products.

And now, something we are really excited about. It is a demo version of the machines we use in mass production. This is mainly used for in house testing.


Hey guys, we would like to show you some of our hardware capabilities.

This is our patented NFC-RFID hybrid chip. The NFC part allows the customers to interact with the blockchain. The RFID part is designed for manufacturers to interact with the blockchain.

This is VeChains very first automated hardware manufacturing device. After we receive orders from customers, this machines will automatically start its production. It picks up the card and dropping it on the read writer. It writes the data directly to the blockchain. It then has to pass a final machine verification.

In this process there is no human interaction avoiding human error.

Lets give you a demo.

I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse at some of the hardware capabilities at the heart of the VeChain ecosystem.”

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The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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