VeChain Technical AMA — Business Questions Part 2

  1. Hardware related questions (Part 1 | Part 2)
  2. Software related questions (Part 1 | Part 2)
  3. Business related questions (Part 1 | Part 2)
  4. Addressing the concerns of the community on perceived competitors and so-called competing projects.
  1. Digitized tags can not be tampered with
  2. Tags and items can not be separated
  3. Tag IDs are registered on the blockchain. The first step of the label can not be tampered I believe that is the foundation, the only chain of contactless NFC / rfid has been developed to the fourth generation, last year has been co-developed with the industry’s top manufacturers cos system to achieve mcu-based smart nfc , Supports nfc forum type4, ISO14443–1 / 2/3/4 and ISO7816–4 standards, at the same time, custom APDU and implantation of asymmetric encryption algorithm to achieve the card identity implantation, at the same time, the identity can be the current chain Blockchain signature algorithm is the same.
  • Internet of Things sensing technology, through the encryption algorithm and identity implementation, to ensure that the data source is accurate and reliable;
  • Connection technology, through the encrypted transmission channel and CA certificate, to ensure the reliability of data transmission;
  • VeChainTHOR blockchain technology to ensure that once the data recorded in the blockchain, can not be tampered with.



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