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In 2012, China’s spotlight on national strategic development was directed to the western inland region. On February 20 of the same year, the State Council issued an official reply to the 12th Five-Year Plan for the Western Development Program, announcing that China would speed up the development of new major cities in the west.

On January 6, 2014, the Central Government State Council (国务院) mandated Gui’an New Area (贵安新区) as a National-Level Area of the People’s Republic of China. Gui’an is located next to Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou Province, and covers 1,795 square kilometers (443,554 acres).

Gui’an has been given the same administrative level granted to the widely influential Pudong New Area, the zone that is the new financial and economic center to Shanghai. Gui’an New Area is a unique economic-development zone directly controlled by the Central Government and is granted preferential policies, funding, and privileges directly by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

On December 26, 2016, the State Council issued the 13th Five-Year Plan on China’s national informatization (2016–2020). According to the plan, China will spend a tremendous amount of resources into the development of cutting-edge information technology, including 5G wireless systems, IPv6, smart manufacturing, cloud computing, IoT, and blockchain technology.

Due to the appropriate climate condition, and cheap electricity cost, Gui’an New Area has been mandated to become the National Data Center of the west. The New Area will heavily focus on high-tech industries including Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Smart Solutions. The New Area will house major data centers of industry leaders, for example, China Telecom has invested 7 billion RMB, China Mobile has invested 2 billion RMB, and China Unicom has invested 5 billion RMB in building their own data center inside Gui’an New Area. Microsoft and Apple have both invested over $1billion while IBM, Huawei, Tencent, Foxcom will be building significant data centers in Gui’an New Area as well.

As one of the most important national level data center clusters in China, Gui’an New Area was chosen to:

  1. Become the new test zone for utilizing high and innovative technology to help improve Chinese government administrative management efficiency.
  2. Set a pilot program for all of China for true Smart-City development and provide analysis as to what the benefits for the stakeholders of Smart-Cities might be.
  3. When the technology and the implementation process streamlines are well tested, it is expected that this process will be rolled out throughout the entire region of China.

VeChain is mandated to be the blockchain technology partner of the government of Gui’an to plan, design and implement such processes.

The head of Chinese Central Government, Premier Li Keqiang after inspection of the new plans of Guian, said “In Gui’an, I have seen the hope of Guizhou, the hope of West China.”

Reference link from National State Council Media platform:

The plans are grand and obstacles abundant, in order to begin, a few executable projects were chosen to initiate the blockchain implementation process:

VeChain will work closely with Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Gui’an New Area to provide a blockchain based information system to collect and analyze administrative data, offer privacy protection of data and apply blockchain technology to reform business registration and cut red tape.

1)The Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Gui’an New Area has already started using the E-Government System powered by VeChain Thors blockchain technology to store the business registration related documents, such as business certificate, bank account certificate, tax registration, organization code, foreign trade registration, audit report, etc.

2)For the Phase two of the project, E-Government System will allow remote business registration functionality, documents uploading, documents reviewing and certificates issuing to be done remotely. With this new system, companies do not have the need to waste time and energy to get physical stamps of approvals in different governmental departments. This process disrupts the way the government has processed administrative requests to become more collaborative while reducing costs and time spent.

3)The end result of the E-Government System will provide robust auditing over any government processes occurring within Gui’an, and future projects.

The 2017 China International Big Data Expo, endorsed by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council of China, it was hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information, the National Internet Information Office and the People’s Government of Guizhou, and kicked off on 24th May. Under the witness and endorsement of all the above government bodies, the Management Committee of Gui’an Free Trade Zone officially partnered with BitSE or VeChain to build the world’s first Blockchain Smart-Town.

1)The design and building of the Blockchain Smart-Town will be based on VeChain Thor blockchain. Once successful, the design, architect, construction of this pilot township will be implemented on a much larger scale rapidly.

2)The blockchain projects involved in creating such a wholesome township design will be utilizing the applications on SmartBlockchain Administration, SmartBlockchain Agriculture, SmartBlockchain Retail, and much more. VeChain has already made ample steps to catering to a Smart-Town through their smart agriculture work in Liaoning Province, alongside Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

With extensive experience in providing wine/liquor tracking service, VeChain is partnering with Gui’an Government to build the first-ever blockchain powered fine wine/liquor exchange in the world, located in the Free Trade Zone of Gui’an New Area. VeChain is already well versed in wine distribution and trade through its already working product used by D.I.G. This the first attempt for VeChain to combine physical assets with digital assets to be traded on an especially designed blockchain based exchange, we expect this line of VeChain Thor powered exchanges will flourish globally as this initial exchange is built and operational, on not just wine/liquor but any physical products or assets in the world.

In review:

  • The directional plan the Chinese Central Government has laid out will continue to strengthen the core foundation of China to bring a robust suite of technological improvements and will use Gui’an as a rapid development center for emerging technologies.
  • VeChain was hand picked by Gui’an as its central blockchain provider and have already had initial steps implemented via the E-Government System.
  • Our Smart-Agriculture solution in Liaoning Province, alongside Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences is rapidly advancing.
  • VeChain is building the world’s first blockchain powered exchange that can handle physical goods and RMB both digitally and in person. Our implemented work with D.I.G. has enabled us to begin this platform with fine wine/liquor.
  • As a result, VeChain Thor is nearing the ability to power the first Smart-Town within Gui’an and soon, even more.

We share the same great hope of Head of Chinese Central Government, Premier Li Keqiang and believe the widespread blockchain integration of VeChain Thor transcends business.



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